Intelligence gathered from Social Media, to give you the entire scene.

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IntelliScene represents a novel approach to providing real-time feeds from open source and online social media applications.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Operations can now effectively monitor online social media and receive alarms and events on a thin-client, browser-based user-interface and integrated mapping for visualization of all events for a total situational awareness.

To get the entire picture of what’s happening in your jurisdiction, gather your Intelligence right from the Scene, IntelliScene.

IntelliScene allows the user to create a list of “key-words” that will drive an ongoing real-time search of the Internet’s most popular sites. The user can also limit their search to specific areas on a map for the most site-specific results.

Your IntelliScene search combs through an exhaustive amount of real-time data to provide you with instant notifications of breaking events, incidents, and emerging threats.

IntelliScene stores links to most of the feeds collected from the Internet in a database. The Alarm Engine runs algorithms to search correlation among the stored and live information. When the correlation threshold has been hit, IntelliScene shows the results on the interface as anomalies. Users can review the anomalies tagging the most important anomalies to generate alarms.


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