Public Safety


The increase in crime and terrorism over the past few decades pushed government agencies, police departments and private organization to increase the number of video-surveillance cameras and other security-related technologies to protect their premises.

Over the years, every agency and private organization selected certain types of solutions and technologies that however do not talk with each other and are based on different standards.

Pantascene provides government agencies and emergency management centers EOC with a software that can be connected to many different security systems belonging to different entities, public agencies or private companies integrating together a large number of security and video-surveillance systems no matter what their owner, language or technology is.

Pantascene is based on an intuitive mapping engine that automatically highlights all the sensors surrounding a critical situation, and presents the information in the most natural way possible.

Pantascene provides complete situational awareness in real time and allows even untrained users easy: VISIBILITY, INTEGRATION, COLLABORATION and ACTION:

  • VISIBILITY through a wider overview of the area to be controlled, monitoring the whole network or one single location from different point of views with access at any time to all private and public videos connected to the software;

  • INTEGRATION with critical systems such as CBRN sensors, License Plate Recognition (LPR) or any kind of video analytics assuring your cameras are pointed at the right place at the right time;

  • COLLABORATION among security operators and disparate agencies;

  • ACTION coordinating and reacting more quickly to emergencies and threats;

Pantascene provides a highly scalable architecture that allows the server to adapt to changing bandwidth to the end-user browser while maintaining a fluid video steam providing a high quality feed using a VC-1 or H.264 encoding with minimal client processing requirements. Thanks to this innovative technology, Pantascene can also be used any where through any mobile device with a web browser.


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