Vistascene is a video and sensor interoperability application and investigative tool focused on improving situational awareness and emergency preparedness for the public safety market.

Vistascene is the first and most successful software to integrate different security-related technologies and provide real-time situational awareness and analysis of security threats. Pantascene is being used by leading agencies and police departments across the United States.

Vistascene allows to geocode all assets for quick searching of the relevant cameras based on an incident. A user can simply type in an address, and Vistascene will return a list of cameras within a user-configurable radius of the address. A single click allows the user to retrieve all of the video feeds from the cameras in the search results.

Vistascene supports and integrates all the leading digital video recorders and video management systems in the market such as Genetec Omnicast, Milestone, Honeywell MaxPro, NetDVMS, and Ocularis. Pantascene has a preferential relationship with many VMS software houses that provide us a fast track in integrating new products and functionalities over time.

Pantascene screenshotPantascene screenshot


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